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In 2023, the Enerpred Company acquired a habitable shot blasting chamber of the KOMAX company.

The shot blasting machine is designed for cleaning and preparing the surfaces of large-sized metal products before coating. The shot blasting chamber operates on the principle of a pressure pneumatic installation, which creates a directed air flow with an abrasive shot. The shot is fed through a nozzle controlled by an operator inside the installation itself. The operator moves inside the chamber in a special protective suit, safely controlling the shot blasting process.

The shot cleaning method allows to clean the surface from rust, scale, slag, sand, paint and other pollutants, which gives the surface a uniform distributed metallic luster. This improves the appearance of welded metal structures, as well as increases the quality of subsequent painting and increases the function of corrosion protection.

The shot blasting chamber has high performance and low energy consumption. Thanks to the modern abrasive recovery and cleaning system, with supply and exhaust ventilation, resource savings are ensured and environmental pollution is reduced. One of the advantages is the easy and convenient unloading of dust and cleaning material. The user-friendly control and diagnostic interface facilitates the operator's work and ensures the safety of the process.

This acquisition of the plant "Enerpred" allows you to achieve high-quality surface treatment of products without the involvement of third-party companies and additional time costs.

How the work is carried out in the shot blasting chamber, you can see at the link below:


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