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Enerpred company took part in the XXX International Specialized Exhibition of Mining Technologies "Coal of Russia and Mining", which was held from June 7 to 10, 2022 at the Kuzbass Yarmarka exhibition complex in Novokuznetsk. Traditionally, Russian and foreign manufacturers, suppliers and consumers of mining equipment gather at the exhibition.

Over 51,000 sq. equipment, machinery and developments were presented by 461 companies from 10 countries of the world: Russia, Germany, France, Italy, China, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Poland, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan.

For 4 days of work the exhibition was visited by 44,398 people, most of whom are specialists representing enterprises of the coal, machine-building, metallurgical industries and other fields of activity from the cities of the Russian Federation and other countries of the world.

Enerpred presented the following equipment at the exhibition:

Jacks, Pullers, Nutrunners, Manual mechanical tools: Circle, Nut cutters, Cutters, Scissors, Dynamometer wrenches, Hand pumps, Pumping stations, High pressure hoses and much more.


According to the results of the Best Exhibit competition, Enerpred was awarded two awards:

- In the nomination "Products for various fields of application" she was awarded a Diploma and a Silver medal for a hydraulic cargo jack with a fixing nut - DG50P150G

- In the nomination "Development and implementation of new technological equipment for the coal industry" was awarded the highest award of the exhibition - the Grand Prix for a hydraulic jack with a hollow rod model - DP30P63



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