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April 29 in Irkutsk was the first international championship in functional all-around firefighters and rescuers, the official partner of which was the company Enerpred. 39 men's teams, four women's teams and four children's teams took part in the competition. Head EMERCOM of Russia Vladimir Puchkov, who gave the start to the championship, noted that this event united not only firefighters, rescuers, but also all specialists working in the field of life safety of the population.

One of the stages for the participants was the work on extracting the conditioned victim from the dam with the help of the rescue tool TUGG. The instrument showed itself exceptionally dignified, without causing any technical hitch, and provided all participants with equal conditions for demonstrating their professional skills. Most of the participants in the competition were already familiar with the CIRCLE tool and successfully use it in their daily activities. The rest could be convinced of the quality of our instrument both during the passage of the distance, and at our exhibition stand, where our employees demonstrated the instrument "Enerpred" all day long to everyone.

Separately we want to congratulate the national team of the Irkutsk region, which in a hard struggle pulled out a deserved victory, once again proving its absolute leadership in this sport!


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